Sunday, October 24, 2010

Starting our journey...

In July we decided to start our journey.  We thought if we were going to extend our family and give Travis a sibling we should stop talking about it and get started before we get to the point of not wanting to change diapers anymore.  We met with Dr. Jacobs from Fertility Centers of Illinois in July.  We left the office with a folder full of information to review and several calls to make.  Who knew having another child would be so complicated.  It's a little more complicated than when we pursued IVF ourselves.  A lot of baby steps before you see the big picture.

A friend referred us to an agency out of Hinsdale, IL to pursue our journey of gestational surrogacy and egg donor.  We met with Zara from Family Source Consultants on August 9th.  She cleared up a lot of our questions of cost and the steps of surrogacy.  We left with more confidence in pursuing our journey.

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