Sunday, October 24, 2010

The pursuit of a surrogate...

We started our pursuit of a surrogate first, as we were told finding a surrogate was the hardest.  We beg to differ.  When we left Family Source Consultant's we were given a couple of surrogate profiles to review.  Shortley after a few more came.  It wasn't until the fifth profile that we really thought we found our surrogate.  I will use "J" and "M" to protect their privacy.  We really liked all aspects of J's profile.  We had the same beliefs and hobbies. We both liked the country living and outdoors.  M also bowls on a league too!  That was a plus! :)  M and Brian also had a lot in common.  Yep, you guessed it SPORTS!  Although they are Cubs fans! LOL  It was also a plus that they were from Illinois so we will be able to be there every step of the way (ultra sounds, watching the baby grow, etc.). 

We had our match meeting on September 19.  The minute we walked in the door and I saw J, a feeling came over me that I can't explain.  I know this probably sounds funny, but we actually had the similar shirts on and same colors.  We clicked right away.  There was nothing but laughter.  Before you knew it three hours went by.  Our jaws hurt from laughing soo.... much!  We had a lot in common and same moral beliefs.  Brian and I knew it right away before leaving the office that J would be the one we wanted to carry our child.  We knew M would take care and support J every step of the way. 

A few days later we received a call that J and M felt the same way.  Our match was made...

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