Saturday, December 18, 2010

The puzzle pieces are coming together...

Putting this piece of the puzzle in place was a challenge, but we are very excited to announce that we confirmed our egg donor on Wednesday, December 15th.  She is Greek, French, Russian and German.  This egg donor was a breath of fresh air compared to the run around we got from our previous chosen egg donor.  I think we got a little helping hand from above with my mother looking over us.  The donor is a 26 well-educated young lady.  She is single and dedicated mother of a four year old daughter, who is adorable!  We love her pictures.  Donor seems to be a fun, energetic, and caring individual.  She loves the outdoors and cares about animals. She likes to make people smile and is a great listener to her friends.  Donor is very determined and as a single mother at a young age managed to get through college with two majors and earned a scholarship with a beautifully written essay.  When looking for a donor these were a majority of the characteristics we were looking for in a person.  She has all of the same characteristics that I have with the exception of two majors and a scholarship that is. :)  

Our surrogate has been medically screened and waiting on final results.  FCI said everything looked good.   Our surrogate "J" is a 32 year old mother of three beautiful children and wife to a caring and devoted husband "M".  J seems to be very caring and responsible young lady with a great personality.  She loves to spend time with her family and caring for others.  Since we spoke of J and M in a previous blog, we won't repeat ourselves other than to say we are so thankful and blessed that J and M have come into our lives and look forward to our journey with them and a long and ever lasting friendship.