Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our pursuit of an egg donor...

We spent many days and nights looking at profile after profile agency after agency for the perfect match for an egg donor.  They say finding a surrogate is harder.  As we wrote in a prior post, we beg to differ.  It's harder to find that perfect match for an egg donor.  Especially when you know you aren't going to genetically be part of the puzzle.  At the top of our list for a characteristic was to find a donor who was at least half Greek.  Part of my ethnic background.  Let me tell you there isn't many Greek donors out there.  The ones that we did find either had a extensive family medical history or did have characteristics that matched ours. 

After looking at one profile after another we narrowed it down to three candidates.  The first donor was Greek and German.  We thought that would be perfect since Brian is part German and I am part Greek. She was a prior donor with positive result, which was a plus. The second donor donated once a year for the last 4 years.  She too, had four positive results.  Very fertile! She was Greek, German, Lithuanian, French Canadian and Native American.  The third donor was Greek, Canadian, French and Indian.   

Trying to eliminate and select our donor was a hard one to do.  Who do you go with?  You ask yourself so many questions.  Are you choosing the right one?  Will the child have any of our characteristics? All three had beautiful characteristics.  The first donor has reddish brown, but looked more German than Greek.  Neither Brian nor I nor Travis have a reddish tint to our hair.  We were concerned about that.  Now it was a choice between donor two and three.  Brian really leaned towards donor two and I really leaned towards donor three.  There was something about donor three that I kept going back to her profile.  When you search for your donor, you really take a look at the characteristics of a person and their qualities and beliefs.  It was something about her features that reminded me of my late mother.  She had that look about her that drew me towards her profile. 

We started asking more questions about each donor to help make our decision.  When we started asking questions of donor two and had been communicating with the agency, donor two decided she was going to go with the highest bidder and matched with another couple without blinking an eye.  When searching for your perfect match, you will find that money does play a role with some and then there are those special people who want to help intended parents with their journey of having or extending their family.  So it was fate after all.  It came back to donor three.  God answered our prayers. I think my mom had a hand in it too looking over us to make sure we choose our perfect match...

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