Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our footsteps that pave the way to our journey...

On October 10 we had our phych evaluation in Glenview.  Passed with flying colors!  Did you expect anything less?  LOL  Met with our attorney in Chicago on October 11.  Travis had the day off of school, so we made a day of it in the big city.  We took the train down and met with our attorney downtown on LaSalle Street at 10 a.m.   We spent the rest of the day walking around the big city.  Started out with lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and then walking to Michigan Avenue to the magnificiant mile.  Shopping...Shopping...Shopping.  We did a lot of window shopping.  We visited the Hershey store.  Never knew Chicago had a Hershey store.  We walked down to the Hancock building and Travis and Brian decided they wanted to go up to the observatory.  I was pooped from all the walking and told them to go and I will visit the the Cheesecake Factory.  I think I got the better end of the deal.  Yummy!  After we had enough shopping, we decided we were too tired to walk back to the train station so we decided to brave it out and take a taxi back to the train station.  Must say I think that was one of the better taxi rides I have ever had in the city.  Travis' eyes lite up when he would go fast.  He heard many of my taxi stories when I have been down town for conference.  We ended the day with fresh popcorn from Garrett Popcorn and Aunt Annie's pretzels for our train trip back home.  It ended a nice day in the big city!

Had our telephone conference with our third party nurse to get our testing done on October 14.   She coordinates the testing and makes sure the surrogate, egg donor and intended parents complete their "checklist" of tests and screenings.  Brian has his physical with the doctor on the 23rd and then we both have to get our blood work done.  Next is the surrogate and egg donor phych evaluations and screenings.

Thursday, October 21, we confirmed our egg donor.  How ironic...when Brian and I were choosing a date for our wedding, Brian choose August 21 because two become one.  I guess in this scenerio the same goes here too...two become one.  Two special people to help make one dream come true...

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