Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Since our last posting, we are excited that everything is coming together.  Our surrogate has been medically approved and our donor is currently getting her psych evaluation and genetic testing done.  We are hopefully that we will proceed with our retrieval and transfer mid February. 

This past Sunday I called our surrogate and we talked for over an hour.  I thought it may be awkward when I called since we haven't talked since our first meeting in September.  I was amazed by the connection I felt again with a person I only met once.  We talked and talked and talked about everything and anything.  I was reassured that J is the person I want to carry my child.  She has such a warm heart and really is a special person to help others in her job and in her personal life.

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  1. Hello Michelle, glad to hear things are coming along. How exciting that everything is coming together for you guys ... hopefully you'll be cycling soon!